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alcohol addictionAmong the several addiction-related epidemics sweeping the United States today, alcoholism is among the most widespread and dangerous. Every year sees almost 90,000 Americans die alcohol-related deaths, placing it fourth on the list of preventable deaths nationwide.

It is a legal substance for adults and relatively easy to get. Alcohol is socially acceptable to use and even celebrated. For generations, gatherings that range from cocktail parties to company picnics to even functions in the White House have kept guests’ glasses full and clinking together in cheerful toasts to… well…anything.

In short, alcohol is fun. At least, it used to be.

Nobody sets out to get themselves a drinking problem. It is a thing that happens to you regardless of intent. However, the creeping adversary that is alcoholism is impossible to ignore when it has settled in at your home. It may feel like you have it under control. It may seem like you still have balance. Things still seem to be falling apart. Why?

Check Yourself: An Honest Look

Because of its socially acceptable status, alcohol can take over your life long before you realize it’s a problem that requires the attention of an effective alcoholism treatment program like the one offered at His House | New Creation. The following are a few questions you may need to ask yourself:

  • Are funds that should be going to the bills going to the liquor store instead?
  • Have you experienced a sudden decrease in appetite, often choosing a drink over a meal?
  • Do you carry a flask to make sure that you “have it if you need it”?
  • Do you drive while intoxicated?
  • Do you choose to stay home or avoid a social even because there won’t be alcohol there?
  • Do you become twitchy or physically uncomfortable if you abstain from drinking?
  • Do you hide your alcohol or conceal how much you’re actually drinking?

If you answered yes to any one of these questions, that would be enough to raise an eyebrow. If your answer is yes to more than one, this should raise an alarm.

The Real Damage

Alcohol does more than give you the courage to approach a crush or make you a terrible dancer. It affects all of your body’s organs and decimates your immune system, making it easier to contract illness and recovery from sickness or injury is an unnecessarily long and difficult journey.

The damage that addiction to alcohol does is not limited to your body. Families’ and friends’ lives are destroyed every year by this disease as alcoholism consumes the mind of the addict. Over half of the prison inmates in The United States admit that their crimes were somehow related to alcohol.

Drink Right to “The Clink”: Alcohol’s Contribution to American Prison

The Department of Justice Reports:

  • 2 million convicted offenders incarcerated today admit to being intoxicated at the time of their arrest.
  • Alcohol far outweighs any other drug regarding its “close association” to violent crime, including rape, child abuse, assault, and even murder.
  • 3 million violent crimes occur each year where the victim perceives their attacker(s) to be under the influence of alcohol.
  • Nearly 40% of all traffic fatalities are alcohol related.
  • Every year, more than 600,000 students between the ages of 18 and 24 are assaulted by another student who has been drinking.

In addition to health complications and increased susceptibility to bad decision making, addiction to alcohol destroys the lives of those who never drink a drop. A brief search on the internet reveals open letters and public pleas to parents and other family members to take control of a terrible addiction that affected the sober authors:

“I still wonder why you never took that step, why you never even admitted you had a problem, let alone asked for help and support in battling alcoholism—help and support I’m certain Dad would unhesitatingly have provided if given the chance and the prospect of regaining his wife/life? But most of all, I wonder why, long after you could see the debris field left in the wake of it all, you never once said you were sorry. I gave you every chance to at least do that, right up to your last breath, and all you did was leave me wondering (still): Why couldn’t you see that you were important enough? Why weren’t we important enough? Why wasn’t I important enough?”

Taken from a son’s letter to his deceased mother

You’ve come this far. You’re investigating treatment. So what does this mean?

alcoholismYou or the alcoholic in your life will start with medical detoxification, known as “detox”. Depending on the severity of the addiction and level of use before making the crucial decision to recover, medical supervision could be necessary to prevent complications like a stroke or even death.

Under the supervision of His House | New Creation’s capable medical staff, you can safely escape the grip of alcoholism and move into the next phase of treatment.

At His House | New Creation, we treat those who are recovering from addiction to alcohol with a strong, strategic plan. This means that, after detox is complete, our patients move into therapy where we help identify underlying causes of the addiction and treat them to ensure that a recovered alcoholic stays recovered.

With the expertise and experience that is offered by the staff at His House | New Creation you can take control back and put your addiction to rest. Call one of our admissions counselors and get started on your new life today.

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