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Sub-Acute Detox

detoxCongratulations on taking that first big step towards considering drug and alcohol detox and addiction recovery. We have treated people with various addictions in our treatment centers and we understand that entering treatment is a difficult decision to make. Your recovery starts here – and we’ll happily guide you through the entire process.

Our treatment centers create individualized sub-acute detox plans for each client based on their usage history and their individual health. There are various health implications that need to be taken into account when beginning a detox, so we do a full mental and health assessment before a client begins a sub-acute detox regimen. We also take urine and blood samples as needed so that we may test them for substances in the body.

Regardless of the context and the substance, the main goal of this stage is to fully detoxify the client, wiping the slate clean for the rehabilitation treatment program. Things to consider before choosing a detox method:

    • The severity of the addiction, how long the individual has been taking the substance and the strength of their last drink or dose.
    • Has the individual attempted a detox and recovery program before?
    • Is the individual feeling physically and mentally able to begin detox treatment?
    • Does the individual have a strong preference for detox treatment to take place in a specific location?

    What To Expect

    Sub-acute detox is a less intense form of detoxification treatment which is not as heavily supervised as medically-assisted detox. While sub-acute detox does not call for 24/7 care under medical personnel, our team still monitors our client’s vital signs and provides them with comfort and support throughout the process. Various pharmaceutical medications are also still available during sub-acute detox to help alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

    For those who feel medically and psychologically stable enough, sub-acute detox can provide the body with the kick start it needs to begin inpatient or outpatient addiction recovery treatments. Sub-acute detox is not right for everyone and is only used in situations in which 24/7 medical supervision is not required. Sub-acute detox is often used for detoxing various substances including cocaine, methamphetamines, opioids, and others including mild cases of alcohol and benzodiazepine use.

    While detox can be a scary prospect for some, we are confident in our ability to support you both physically and mentally. We understand that making the choice to seek treatment and detox is a monumental step in your recovery and we will be here to support you every step of the way. We’re determined to make your recovery treatment comprehensive, effective, and comfortable so that you can continue living a happy and sober life well into the future.

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