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Alcohol Detox Treatment

alcoholismAlcohol is a perfectly legal substance, so many don’t realize how harmful and addictive it can be. Alcohol addiction and abuse can begin innocently; however, it is sometimes life-threatening and can cause serious health problems, including liver failure and strokes.

Alcohol abuse can become the gateway to alcohol addiction, so any concerns from family members and loved ones should be addressed. Within our alcohol addiction recovery facility, we attempt to teach good health habits that help people stay clean on a long term basis.

The first stage must be a complete detox from alcohol, and it’s instrumental for those who have been drinking heavily and regularly for long periods.

Alcohol is ultimately a toxic and harmful substance, when it is abused or consumed in excess it is often necessary for the individual to remove it from their lifestyle altogether. Alcohol detox is like wiping the slate clean, and allows the body to process the alcohol already in the bloodstream, and get used to being without it, before beginning full rehabilitation treatment.

The efficacy of rehabilitation treatment would be greatly compromised if someone still had alcohol in their system, as it dramatically affects their judgment of situations and would make them much less receptive to care.

Signs that someone needs full, alcohol detox

  • Their drinking has caused family members concern.
  • They have questioned if they would be happier if they didn’t drink alcohol.
  • They have put themselves in harmful or dangerous situations through drinking alcohol.
  • They drink at irregular and unsociable times of the day.
  • Alcohol takes priority over work or friendships.
  • They hide alcohol in unusual places.

Our approach to alcohol detox

shutterstock_353169956 At our facility we have successfully helped many people detox fully from alcohol. We have such a successful track record because everyone who works within our facility is an addiction specialist, and understands the toll this substance can take on the body and brain.

Full alcohol detox is not to be taken lightly. Complete, immediate cessation is actually extremely dangerous and can cause seizures, convulsions and even death. For this reason, everyone who detoxes from alcohol in our facility is 100% supervised at all hours of the day.

Any side effects can be treated and the patient’s progress can be monitored consistently. Detox is never a pleasant or comfortable experience, but we endeavor to make it as comfortable as we possibly can while you’re in our care. One of the main causes of relapse is the unpleasant side effects of alcohol withdrawal – we minimize this risk with 24/7 supervision.

During this time, we discourage family from visiting because it is an intense process and the individual is likely to be distressed and highly distracted. We will however keep all family members updated on their loved one’s progress, so no one will be uninformed.

Alcohol withdrawal side effects include:

  • Shaking hands
  • Sweating
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches

Particularly severe alcohol withdrawal can result in delirium tremens. This can include fever, confusion, hallucinations, and even seizures. This is considered a medical emergency and is potentially lethal if left untreated. Professional supervision up to and including this would be essential, so we monitor all clients constantly for withdrawal symptoms of this nature.

Mental health and physical health are strongly linked. During alcohol detox, dopamine levels drop as the level of alcohol in the blood drops. This lack of dopamine can cause depression and even suicidal feelings. Anxiety and irritation are also common, as it can be distressing for someone in the throes of addiction to be denied alcohol, particularly as their body is telling them they ‘need’ it.

What does alcohol detox involve?

Stage 1 – Initial withdrawal symptoms

  • Those who drink alcohol regularly and heavily will have developed a tolerance for it, so when their body is deprived they feel extremely unpleasant.
  • Withdrawal symptoms can begin 3-8 hours after the last drink, and will include anxiety, insomnia, and abdominal discomfort.

Stage 2 – Withdrawal symptoms intensify

  • Withdrawal symptoms get worse before they get better.
  • At this stage they generally develop into high blood pressure a fluctuating body temperature.

Stage 3 – Withdrawal symptoms can intensify further

  • It’s possible that in the final part of the first week, hallucinations and fever will begin. Without medical treatment this could continue and be very dangerous.
  • If not, the physical symptoms should begin to calm down at this point.
  • Psychological symptoms can continue for weeks and should be monitored closely.

Treatment during detox

During your detox, our main aim is to get you clean and make sure you’re physically stable enough to begin the rest of our addiction treatment. To ensure this we may administer medications which ease your withdrawal symptoms and make them easier to manage. For example, benzodiazepines may be used to calm down your central nervous system and bring you some peace.

Support during detox

We know that alcohol detox treatment is an unpleasant experience, but we’ve seen a lot of people come out the other side successfully. Throughout your detox period, you will never be alone and you will never be left unsure or uninformed. As well as the medical staff, your counselor will visit you regularly and keep an eye on your progress, as well as providing an empathetic, listening ear.

Our excellent results

We have a passionate alumni organization at our treatment centers, made up of people who have finished our treatment programs and are living healthy, fulfilling lives without drugs or alcohol.

We encourage everyone who seeks treatment with us to talk to our past clients and share their experiences.

Our alumni organization regularly gets together to attend meetings at our facilities to encourage current clients who are still going through treatment. They will be able to give their own perspective on alcohol detox and the treatment that followed, as well as provide a great example of how good life can be after recovery.

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