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Access to Gym

Access To Gym

The Importance of Exercise in Recovery

Exercise can be a really useful tool for those recovering from addiction, and the physical and mental health problems it causes. Some of the clients who come for treatment with us are comfortable exercising and have perhaps got out of the habit, and others have never been fond of it and are sometimes quite reluctant. In either case, at His and Her House, we strive to engage in exercise activities with compassion and appropriate levels of intensity.

Those who engage with exercise during their recovery at our facility see a huge improvement in their mood and physical health. Exercise isn’t just about training the body; it gives people a great mental focus too.

A Natural High

Exercise causes natural highs that can replace the dangerous artificial ones you have been used to experiencing. It releases powerful endorphins, which improve mood and fatigue.

Focusing on a Goal

Those who are deeply addicted have lived a life where their only aim is to find their next fix. During recovery, it’s quite common for clients to feel they lack purpose and motivation, now that their one diversion has gone. Exercise is a great replacement for this.

Helps with Sleep

Addiction can disrupt sleep quite dramatically, as can the mental worries associated with recovery. Exercise helps to restore your body to a more natural rhythm and helps you to sleep soundly. When well rested, the mind is more agile and the body recovers quicker.


To reach a physical goal and then surpass it gives someone a remarkable confidence boost. Physical exercise is all about pushing your body past the point you thought it could reach, which can provide someone with a great feeling of achievement.

Addiction really robs people of their autonomy and sense of self, so boosting self-confidence with a healthy goal is a great way to combat this. So many of our clients become ardent exercise fans when they leave our facility, for this very reason.

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