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Thought Field Therapy

December 21, 2016 - - 0 Comments

At His House and Her House we use TFT (Thought Field Therapy) to help clients cope with stress and anxiety. TFT is a technique developed by Dr. Roger Callahan which includes tapping on acupuncture points to relieve emotional pain. TFT can decrease the stress from learning to live a drug-free life.TFT can also help clients cope with urges that might trigger relapse. We have found that having our clients tap on specific points on the face and body while concentrating on a problem helps to keep them focused on their recovery and healing.
It is also an excellent coping technique to relieve tension.Through a series of tapping sequences on energy meridians, negative energy that has been trapped in the body due to trauma or other negative experiences can be diminished and in some cases eliminated.TFT is a safe, easily self-applied method for empowerment, benefiting our clients on their journey to wholeness and recovery. Using techniques from Thought Field Therapy can often help facilitate the desired changes in thinking and emotional responses you want for a healthy recovery.
As Clinical Director of His House and Her House I enjoy promoting the clinical benefits of TFT. I have been Callahan Technique trained for 16 years and have taught several of our therapist’s similar techniques. Our clients who struggle with anxiety or have been stuck in self-defeating and/or self- destructive behaviors have been able to change those behaviors.Tapping through some issues our clients are often able to remove barriers to their treatment. Clients will begin to understand the reality of their addictive family environment.
His House and Her House continue to incorporate therapeutic interventions that assist our clients with successful outcomes for recovery. Understanding the realities eases the tension between family members when a client chooses to get help. One of the more difficult stages of recovering from alcoholism and drug addiction is the detox stage. Clients are often anxious about how they will cope without their drug of choice. For many, the prospect of living life sober is frightening and even unbelievable. Tapping techniques assist clients with all stages of recovery.
The tapping interventions we use are actually a blending of Eastern techniques with Western psychotherapy and has proven to be a viable technique for coping with all phases of treatment. We not only teach clients individually, we also use similar TFT techniques as a group and for our family members in the multi-family group. Our out of town clients can skype with the family and together learn the similar TFT techniques so when the client returns home the recovery process can be a family shared experience.

Energy Psychology Fact Sheet

What It Is: Energy psychology has been called “psychological acupuncture without the needles.” It is a clinical technique and a self-empowerment approach that provides simple methods for shifting brain patterns that lead to unwanted thoughts, actions, and emotions. It draws from ancient spiritual practices and healing traditions and uses them in thoroughly modern ways.

Tapping and Related Acupuncture Points

TH-Top of Head- Hundred Meeting Points’ Meridian-releases inner critic, lack of focus and spinning wheel thinking. Allows for insight, intuition, spiritual connection, focus, wisdom, spiritual discernment and clarity.
EB- Eyebrow-Bladder Meridian-releases trauma, hurt, sadness, restlessness, impatience, frustration, restlessness and dread. Allows for inner peace and emotional healing.
SE-Side of Eye- Gall Bladder Meridian-releases rage, anger, resentment, fear of change and muddled thinking. Allows for clarity, compassion and understanding.
UE-Under Eye-Stomach Meridian-releases fear, anxiety, worry, emptiness, nervousness and disappointment. Allows for contentment, calmness, feeling safe.
UN-Under Nose-Governing Meridian-releases embarrassment, shame, guilt, grief, fear of ridicule, powerlessness, fear of failure and psychological reversals. Allows for self-empowerment, self-acceptance and compassion.
CH-Chin-Central Meridian-releases confusion, uncertainty, embarrassment, shame and second guessing decisions. Allows for certainty, clarity, self-confidence and self-acceptance.
CB-Collarbone-Kidney Meridian-Adrenals-releases psychological reversal, worry, indecision, feeling stuck, and general stress. Allows for ease in moving forward, confidence and clarity.
UA-Under Arm-Spleen Meridian-releases guilt, obsessing, worry, hopelessness, insecurity, and poor self-esteem. Allows for clarity, confidence, relaxation and compassion for self and other.
BN-Below Nipple-Liver Meridian

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