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Bobby’s Testimonial

March 8, 2017 - - 0 Comments

This is the story of a young man born to a great, fortunate family with a silver spoon in his mouth.


After receiving 12 years of private school education and substantial academic scholarships to the colleges of his choice, this soon to be revealed addict appeared to have the future in the palm of his hand. The point at which the young man’s story made an about turn is directly correlated to his first use of alcohol and drugs. From that moment on, the young man thought that the feeling derived from these drug usages was how normal people felt, and had no intentions of ever stopping. It was not until after dropping out of three different colleges, losing multiple friends to the disease of addiction, alienating his friends and family, and working odd jobs to barely (and often never) make ends meet, the young man decided perhaps it was time for professional help. However, he knew nothing about how this might occur.


The concept of a life of “recovery” was foreign to him, as he was the first and only member of his immediate family to suffer from addiction. Luckily, the young man found his way to His House. It was there he learned about the joyous and free possibilities involved in living a life of recovery, learned how to love himself for who he was, and was educated on the concept of addiction–that it is it is in fact a medically recognized disease. Thanks to the guidance, support, education, and overall display of love by the staff at His House, the young man was able to get his life back on track. He has since even come to work for the very company that saved his life. It was after his exposure to the powerful disease of addiction, and the devastating effects therein, that he decided to devote his life to helping those that suffer from this disease. Without the help of His House, the young man would either still be stuck in the downward spiral of destruction to which he was headed, or rather morbidly, could very well be dead.


In case you have not figured out by this point, the young man in the story is me. My time spent at His House has truly saved my life, gave me back my family, my sense of purpose, my spirituality, and taught me that there is more to life than the use of drugs and alcohol. In addition, it showed me how to live a normal, drug-free life. If you or a loved one is tired of suffering from the disease of addiction and are ready to seek help, I would highly recommend reaching out to the loving and helpful people at His House. In the end, it is of paramount importance to never forget that while this disease is lifelong, it can be arrested and recovery is in fact possible. I am living proof of this fact.



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