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Family Group Continues to Grow

June 12, 2017 - - 0 Comments

Family group continues to grow and families continue to heal.
Blessed are those that come together and share their hurt, frustrations, confusion, difficulties, and knowledge with others. Every Thursday families come together to not only support their loved ones (the addict), but to help heal themselves and the family as a unit. Families become entangled or enmeshed in each other’s lives and get stuck. Families come to family group to learn to not only heal the family and themselves, but to learn to set boundaries. Boundaries are often blurred, to relaxed, or rigid especially if your family of origin struggled with addiction. What are boundaries? Boundaries come in many forms from physical boundaries, material boundaries, emotional boundaries, to spiritual boundaries just to name a few. Material boundaries can be the right to say no if someone wants to borrow something. Physical boundaries mean you have the right to be touched or not touched and how close you want someone. Emotional boundaries are the hardest for codependents as this boundary means I don’t take on how you are feeling or how something will affect you when I set my boundary. Boundaries are in place so that you are able to be an individual within the family unit, or any unit as this applies to all relationships.
Boundaries allow us to say no when we feel unsafe, threatened, vulnerable, or uncomfortable in a situation. Boundaries also give us permission to say no just because we do not want to obligate ourselves at that time. Families come together and learn that setting boundaries is not a bad thing and does not make our loved ones relapse or worse hurt themselves. Boundaries and freedom from manipulation and codependency is where healing begins. Families come to family group and share these feelings of fear and frustration with others and they see they are not alone. With the support of therapists, drug counselors, and support staff as well as other families, families can learn to let go of the perceived concept that they can save their loved ones.
Family group can help you to unravel the pieces of poor boundaries and codependency in your life. Family group can help you see that redefining your rules and boundaries are the healthiest way to navigate through this hell of addiction. Family group is a place of healing, a place to learn how to cope and manage your life whether or not your loved one relapses.

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