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A.H.’s Story

August 7, 2017 - - 0 Comments

A  H

I checked  into New Creation for IOP on July 12, 2017.That is my sobriety date. This is the first time I’ve been in treatment and thus far it has been a very refreshing experience. A month ago, after having been terminated from my last nursing job at a skilled nursing facility, I had hunkered down in bed. At times, drinking up to three bottles of wine a day. Starting in the morning, passing out, drinking again, and passing out again. New Creation has offered me a supportive and encouraging foundation for my new sobriety. The staff is very professional, understanding, and willing to give me whatever support I may require. Being in IOP and facing the prospect of losing my nursing license yet once again( I tested positive for morphine and tramodol June 6th after having stole these medications),I have been inspired to pursue drug and alcohol counseling as a new career if I lose my license. If I do not lose my license, I would like to continue nursing, working in the field of recovery. New Creation has afforded me with a new found hope that my life can still offer the community as well as myself  that I can help others to recover from addiction to drugs or alcohol. I’m grateful for all the counselors here and am excited to face life on life’s terms and I aspire to clean up the wreckage of my past thoroughly with honesty, humility, and self-respect. AA has also been my foundation in sobriety. However, New Creation has helped me keep self accountability, build my inner strength, and want sobriety, actually want it.. as well as to heal. Thank you.

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