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I Get To Do This

January 27, 2017 - - 0 Comments

I Get To Do This

As a social worker for His House Her House Residential Treatment Centers I have the privilege to work with many of our clients when they are in treatment.  I meet with them while they are in residential treatment (sometimes, participating in groups ),and as they transition to New Creation IOP and or sober living. After they arrive at His House, Merito House or Her House treatment facility they are assessed by their case managers as to any social services or referrals that they may need or want. The case managers assist them  but if they need further assistance that they are not able to provide I am then contacted and informed that a client needs more in depth assistance. Initially, I am able to connect with the clients at either the men’s or women’s facilities. I meet with them  to assess their needs. This could entail questions, issues or assistance with resources such as Unemployment Benefits, Disability Insurance, Social Security, SSI, Disability, cash aid, resume writing, job search, child support, legal assistance or educational plans or goals. As I meet with them I try to get a sense of what they are in need of, what their interests or experiences are, or have been, and if they have thought about if, or what, they  may want to pursue as they continue their journey through, and after treatment.  At times, it can be a challenge connecting with the client to determine if even want assistance. On the other hand, other clients are very open and are readily prompted into sharing where they are from, their education, experience, and general concerns and aspirations for their lives after treatment. After that first encounter  I begin researching the items discussed in that first meeting. Once I have established a rapport  with a client,  a relationship is established so that they feel they have a voice and another person that  is working on their behalf on some of these issues and questions that they are struggling with. If they transition on to  New Creation IOP and sober living the case managers are usually very thorough and we work side by side to ensure that the client continue to solve issues  or  pursue  goals as part of their treatment plan. I follow up with them to see i.e., if they have completed required paperwork, filled out employment applications, are interested in pursuing educational opportunities etc. If they are interested in attending New Creation College for certification as Drug and Alcohol Counselors but lack some or part of the funds they are directed as to the proper procedures to request a scholarship through the New Creation Behavioral Healthcare  Foundation website. I have been able to help the clinical director with translating client and children’s workbook materials in Spanish so that bilingual clients and their families have resources, being available to translate if we have a family member that needs bilingual assistance.

As part of  their treatment they also attend family group and their children may attend a children’s group that is open to the clients families and their children. They are able to understand and process  emotions such as sad, anger, fear, relating to the disease of Alcohol and/or Drug Addiction. The family  begins to understand how they became sick together and how they can get well together. This is an important piece that is very relevant to what we are doing with the clients in terms of moving on to the next level as they transition out of treatment. We have  found that if their families are supportive they are more likely to be successful. As one of the clients moms stated to me after one of these groups “I now understand how my husband’s drinking affected my son and why he is an alcoholic. I always thought it was my fault. I now know it is a disease”

Assisting and supporting our clients in these various areas is immensely  rewarding. I get to meet them. I get to speak with them. I get to assist them. I get to see them get excited about a new job, their education, seeing their children.. Most of all I get to see them excited about life and looking forward to being successful in walking their sobriety in the real world.


Mary Rocha

Social Worker for His House / Her House / New Creation / Merito House

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