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Mariya F’s Testimony

April 5, 2017 - - 0 Comments

Seven years ago I was in a classroom with forty fellow anesthesia school students engaged in a lecture on the dangers related to addicted and impaired healthcare providers.  We exchanged scolding remarks, disapproving headshakes and obvious condemnation of healthcare workers engaged in such an immoral behavior as being high on drugs or drunk at work.  The topic of the lecture seemed irrelevant to me at that time – an “A” student, a mother of two young kids, a loving wife and a woman with a stellar career ahead.  Four years after the lecture I found myself addicted to opiates, severely depressed and unable to stop using drugs on my own.  Drugs became my false remedy and a twisted way of coping with stress of motherhood, perfectionism, work, depression, and family dysfunction until… they almost killed me.

After long, tearful and sleepless consideration, I picked up a phone that must have weighted a ton and called my licensing board to self report and get help for my addiction. The most difficult phone call and following conversation saved my life and my career. My recovery started in the ninety day treatment program at His House/ New Creation where I received outstanding level of care for my emotional and mental needs. With the help of personal therapist, counselors, 12 step meetings and peer support groups my overwhelming sense of shame and despair were gradually transformed into acceptance of my disease of addiction and hope to build a healthy and fulfilling life.

You see, I was broken for more than 30 years, I am lacking healthy life coping skills, I struggle with low self esteem and I know I am not alone. I am a member of a 12 step based program that is crucial for my recovery.  Each step lays foundation for changes necessary to develop healthy habits and manageable routine of everyday life. I am few days short of being 90 days sober and I go to meeting every day. The transformations in people who practice the principles laid out in 12 steps are profound and powerful. It is a testimony that despite past hurts and mistakes, alcoholics and addicts have tools to restore their lives, reunite families and become dependable co-workers.

My journey to happier and healthier self started at His House/ New Creation and in the 12 step meetings. There are many inspirational phrases in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and one of them is “stick with the winners”. I am grateful to be a part of the winning team.



Mariya F

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