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Pebble Ripples in the Water (La Zoo)

April 5, 2017 - - 0 Comments

Pebble Ripples in the Water (La Zoo)

“Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far reaching effects” -Dalai Lama

Often working in the helping profession, one wonders if the individuals we feel honored to have serviced really makes a difference in their lives. At His House New Creation we interact with clients that are suffering from addiction and have chosen to seek treatment to change their lives and live in recovery. Although not all of our clients transition from detox to residential treatment to Intensive Outpatient and sober living, all of them do attend our weekly Thursday night Family Group. Families of clients come in to support their family member to ask questions, observe, and present assignments(if they choose to accept them) assigned by therapists or the Clinical Director. They then process those assignments and listen to feedback from group participants in order to assist their family member in treatment and heal some of those familial wounds that contributed to their illness of addiction. Prior to attending the family group, new families have an opportunity to meet with our Clinical Director Sue Jackson LMFT. Sue explains to them at which facility the client is residing, what they will be doing while they are the facilities, and any other questions or concerns the family might have.

At family group last month a new family met with our clinical director. Three sisters and their mother came in to talk about questions and concerns about their brother who is a client at one of our residential facilities. This was the first time their brother was in treatment so they asked questions regarding what facility he was going to be at, what was the routine, when could they speak with him and when could he receive visitors. The sisters were asking questions and their mother who only spoke Spanish did not understand what was going on and kept giving puzzled looks to the clinical director.   One of the sisters asked Mary Rocha, the Spanish speaking social worker to interpret so the mother could ask questions and receive answers to understand what her son might, or would experience in treatment. As the clinical director continued to speak, the family continued to listen with perplexed looks. It appeared the sisters and the mother did not, or want to, understand what the clinical director was saying. They did not understand. It was at that precise moment that the oldest sister interrupted Sue and said ” you look so familiar” did you ever work for the City of Chino”? “Yes” responded Sue. “Mary and I both worked for the City of Chino many years ago with the youth, women, and the community” It was at that point that the sisters began to cry” It’s you La Zoo” (the Sue), their name for Sue. “The lady that did all those programs to help us when we were kids” “You and Mary were the first ones to care about us, listen to us, involve us in the community and to take us places, that we had never been (Dairy Queen, the beach during the summer, youth city fashion show).

What was even more amazing is their mother had been in Sue and Mary’s weekly women’s empowerment group to raise self esteem. During the Chino days, these sisters were elementary, middle, and high school students. “Our lives changed because you let us have a voice and you listened”. Their mother nodded in agreement. Sue and Mary were stunned that these girls and their mother remembered them, let alone were impacted by their actions over eighteen years ago. This was totally a moment where gods hand is intervening, bringing this family to a place where they would feel comfortable and confident their loved one can receive the help they need to fight this disease of addiction.

After that discussion they were very excited their brother was receiving treatment at His House and hopefully will be going on to IOP at New Creation. The message is one never knows how a person’s life will change by the way they are treated. The sisters and mother of the client of His House treatment facility is proof the people we served experienced a difference in their lives.



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