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Ricky B’s Tale

February 15, 2017 - - 0 Comments

Ricky B’s Tale

A Product of His House

Back in the day I had a whiskey and cocaine problem. I was forced into treatment in 1987. I got some recovery and stayed clean for 10 years while I worked a program and was active in a twelve step fellowship. I had learned what was required to stay clean.

Unfortunately, I then stopped going to meetings and eventually drank again.

In 2007 I had some surgeries and started taking pain pills and rationalized that because it was from a doctor and a legal prescription I would be able to use them without consequences. I had a career, a home, cars, and motorcycles; basically everything that recovery had given me as gifts.  Every one of the gifts of God that come to me by way of recovery I starting taking credit for and then took for granted. I also took for granted my ability to control my prescription drug use, which was a lie.

There is no control.

My initial prescription for Vicodin turned in to Norco, which became scripts for Oxycodone and MS Contin. I thought I was working my doctor but in fact, addiction was working me. I then burned everything to the ground.  At some point I was taking whatever I could get my hands on. Several times I had to have 911 called for me while at work because I was so loaded. I was taking benzos, opioids, muscle relaxers, and always used alcohol with everything. This was a recipe for death.

Eventually exhausted my chances with my union representation and was not given any more chances as I had blown it too many times. I couldn’t stand up straight, couldn’t get out of bed, I couldn’t walk unassisted, I weighed 100 pounds and wasn’t eating.  I had left everything squat in my house in the dark.

My family had mostly cut me off. My oldest daughter came to the motel that I was at on March 6th, 2013 on my last paid day there. I had begged God to take my life or help me save my life and my daughter appeared and told me to get in the car we were going to His House.  Best thing that ever happened to me. I arrived and I must admit I was a grumpy, angry, handful.  I hated myself so I hated everybody else. But His House gave me the support and the opportunity to change my life and begin to love myself again. They loved me until I could love myself.

I did 90 days of treatment at His House. I learned many tools that I was able to apply and my life has never been so good. I stayed and managed a sober living house for this organization and was able to become the transportation coordinator for His House several years ago. The people who told me the truth with love would eventually employ me. It is my calling now to help others who come to His House and New Creations. I carry a message of hope to those who are hopeless and broken just like I was.


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