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Ted’s Story

August 7, 2017 - - 0 Comments



Before coming into His House/New Creation I had no direction, hope or purpose in life. Even before my addiction I was filled with self-hatred and daily suicidal thoughts. I felt like no none understood me or wanted me. I lived an isolated unhappy life both during my addiction and before.

I’ve been using daily since I was twelve years old, now 24, so I was nervous, scared and unsure about going into treatment. My sister completed New Creation program and is one year sober so I had a bit of hope the program worked. I saw a strong independent person who loved themselves and was told it was because of the program.

First week into the rehabilitation program I was dead set on only doing 14-day detox but as the days went on I wanted to stay longer and longer. I came in for family like; like my wife, sister, niece and dad abut slowly wanted it for me. Daily I would learn a bit more about myself like being codependent and skills on coping with life. Issues. The staff were always there for me to talk with and process my problems. It astounded me that how much knowledge and experiences they offered. They made me finally feel wanted and accepted for whom I was. I no longer had to hide my true feelings or addiction any longer. The simple things such as sitting with me at 3:00 a.m. since I couldn’t sleep made all the difference to me. I could see they truly cared.

I spent 34 days a His House in Colton, CA. and at the end would of loved to stay longer. The fellow clients finally gave me sense of family and welcomed me with opened arms. I could share anything with them with no judgement which was a new concept for me. I felt at home and cared for everyone as my family because the environment was so positive.

After my 34 days I left into sober living a completely different man. I finally had a purpose in life, people I trusted, way less insecurity, hopeful and excited about a new sober life. This program taught me skills to deal with my ongoing divorce, death in family and life issues. Even though issues have come up I’m able to process them correctly instead of hiding from them. His House has gven me a diferent but better life I never thought I could have. People mainly family I thought I lost are back in my life with stronger healthier relationships than ever before. The family groups helped me build a bond with my sister I dreamed of having.

I can say that His House not only saved me but my family. What I’ve written cannot sum up my gratitude for the program. I went from homeless and broken to a man I love being. This may be y first treatment but I don’t think I would have been so successful anywhere else.

I would like to say thank you to the staff, owners, and clients and to the program in general. You guys helped my sister become this amazing mother and allowed me to finally discover myself. Today I’m going to intensive outpatient for hopefully 60 days and love every day for what it is.



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